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Singularity GmbH Steuerberatungsgesellschaft is a German-qualified global team of experts, consultants, and professionals with decades of experience and a complete kit of tools, and knowledge curated to serve, assist, and provide advice for a wide range of growing clientele base stretching across Germany and the European Union countries and worldwide jurisdictions. A company that supports its client base with their German VAT needs.

We understand the true meaning of long-term business relationships and how to create a dynamic work environment by delivering tailored services for value-driven solutions. With offices situated across Europe and the Middle East, we proudly serve with passion and strive for commitment. Through our strong foundations in service integrity, innovation, and continuous development in accordance with the evolving international and national market trends, our history of merits includes an incomparable record of successes, constant customer satisfaction and capacity to accommodate different businesses in size, nature, or requirements bandwidth.

Message from our Managing Director

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What is VAT compliance?

VAT is the value-added tax on goods and services tax levied incrementally on the price of a product or service at each point of production, distribution, or sale to consumers. VAT compliance is the commitment to submitting periodic VAT returns to jurisdiction-specific tax authorities according to certain parameters such as predetermined formats and requirements based on business nature and size. In a nutshell, VAT compliance means filing and reporting an entity’s VAT return periodically and as stipulated by the designated VAT authority.

What is indirect representation?

Direct representation means to appoint a professional to represent an entity as jointly liable for the import formalities, including duties, taxes, and relevant agreed-upon activities. The importance of such representation is acquired to clear the goods from customs on account of the applicant.

Indirect representation on the other hand means that the rights and obligations have been delegated and transferred to the representative to take over all stipulated procedures. The Primary reason for pursuing indirect representation is when importers do not have a residence in the target market. EU customs territory could be challenging because of incalculable risks, fees, and duties.

Singularity GmbH's oblique representation

Provides a fully equipped indirect representation service, which serves in Germany, the UK and across the EU. To register for indirect representation, the following criteria are to be met:

• The shipper needs to be connected to Singularity GmbH's address by a legitimate EU EORI number.

• A valid VAT number for the destined nation connected to the shipper's business address is required.

• Compliance with relevant laws and a predetermined deposit or security guarantee.

• Verification with the shipping business or freight forwarder of item clearances with Fiscal IOR as your indirect representative.

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