Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long Does Registration For VAT in Germany Take?

Registration can take upto 8 weeks if all the data you supply is in order. You will need to supply documents to support your identity,
verify your business is legitimate and if you have already sold through Germany without being registered you may have to complete
some Catch Up Returns.

2. What is a Catch Up Return?

Catch Up returns are filed for prior selling periods that are requested by the German Tax Office. You will be notified of what returns are required during the registration process.

3. What is Overage?

Overage is charged where it has taken longer that the standard time to prepare your VAT Return. If you need to know exactly what caused the charge, please contact us.

4. Why Have I been Charged For The Same Filling Period Twice?

If you are late filing your data, it may be that to fulfill the mandatory filing deadline, a Nil Return has to be filed and later a Corrective Return is needed.  Sometimes periods are duplicated if a filing frequency has been changed.